we are: spielkameraden

Spielkameraden 1: The Square. Click  here  for more info

Spielkameraden 1: The Square. Click here for more info

Spielkameraden is a new public art collective based in Berlin. 

Human beings are more connected now than ever. We want to create art that encourages people to reflect on their relationship with the world, and whether they should change their behaviour. 

We believe that interactive art has a unique ability to instil a sense of ownership of new ideas and a deeper responsibility for their consequences, as spectators become performers. We like to introduce playful elements to encourage as much engagement as possible, as well as enjoyment. 

Berlin’s energy and changing cityscape provide endless opportunities for new artworks which relate intimately to their surroundings. We believe in the potential to use public spaces for new and challenging art that is accessible to everyone, regardless of their participation in the traditional art world.

We want to bring positive, sustainable change to a large number of people, and are keen to work with a wide range of public and private groups, cultural institutions and artists. We are open to a broad range of ideas and approaches and are experimental by nature.

Get in touch if you would like to collaborate with us in any way.